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Babies and Badnavs and lists, oh my
Admin CavemanJoe2016-08-21 22:27:57
Hey, all! I tracked down a long-standing bug that was hiding good and proper, and exterminated it. Timeout-related badnavs should, in theory, now be a thing of the past.

Also, the Contestants List has been completely rewritten from scratch to make it more awesome!

Also, since you've been asking:

Have fun!


News since the last new Game Day
Yuu Xiang has defeated his master, Vitoleone to advance to level 11 after 14 days!!
Yuu Xiang has defeated his master, Clairvius to advance to level 10 after 14 days!!
Yuu Xiang was hunted down by their master, Clairvius, for being truant.
Second Lieutenant Piston Baroque has been defeated in the jungle by Admiral Flufferson.
A Admiral Flufferson merrily skips rope on Second Lieutenant Piston Baroque's bloodied chest before fleeing as another contestant approaches.
Returning Contestant Rainstar has defeated his master, Reventlov to advance to level 14 after 29 days!!
Returning Contestant Rainstar was hunted down by their master, Reventlov, for being truant.
CarrotyManx has challenged their master, Tom Carney and lost!
Two Retraining Officers unceremoniously heft CarrotyManx into the FailBoat, then chuck his Fists after him. It thops off of his head and slides to the deck. "Man, that's the third time today!" "I know, right? It's like She wants 'em to drop out there. More work for us..."
Giovanna has challenged their master, Tom Carney and lost!
Later, leaning in the parlour doorway, Julia will make come-hither eyes at Giovanna in Squat Hole. Giovanna will perk up and her step will bounce a little higher, flattered, as she hurries over. Then Julia will pause, expression changing. "Oh," she'll say. "Y're th'one tha' got trounced by a Tom Carney, innitchee. No, no. Y'll be bad for business, mate. Gerroff wi' yin."
Fevered Fox Lea Brecht has challenged their master, Tom Carney and lost!
"Pfft," says The Watcher. "Is nobody equipped to take out that damned Improbability Drive?"
Fevered Fox Lea Brecht was hunted down by their master, Tom Carney, for being truant.
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