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Word on the Streets

Bonus Montly Memento for July!
Admin CavemanJoe2015-06-30 20:58:16
Hey, folks! This month we're going not one but TWO Monthly Mementos! The first one, you get when you donate a fiver or more, just like normal. The second, you get when you donate a tenner or more. For the avoidance of doubt, donating ten bucks also counts as donating five bucks for the purposes of the regular Monthly Memento (but donating five bucks twice doesn't count).

Have fun! Bugfixes continue in the background - as does the next part of the Rohit the Robot saga...

News since the last new Game Day
Returning Contestant Yomama has defeated her master, Vitoleone to advance to level 11 after 4 days!!
Citizen Joanne has been returned to the mainland by The Watcher.
Citizen Joanne has been defeated in the jungle by A G-nother G-nu.
Two Retraining Officers unceremoniously heft Citizen Joanne into the FailBoat, then chuck her Evil Ventriloquist's Dummy after her. It thops off of her head and slides to the deck. "Man, that's the third time today!" "I know, right? It's like She wants 'em to drop out there. More work for us..."
Oink oinks Zoinks has challenged their master, Tom Carney and lost!
"Wow," says The Watcher. "I guess I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up about her Nudity."
Oink oinks Zoinks was hunted down by their master, Tom Carney, for being truant.
Citizen Joanne has defeated her master, Tiffny Figg to advance to level 5 after 22 days!!
Returning Contestant Yomama has defeated her master, Clairvius to advance to level 10 after 4 days!!
Elan vital Harlan Fenn has challenged their master, Tiffny Figg and lost!
"Stupid, stupid, stupid!" Elan vital Harlan Fenn chants, clonking his head against the deck of the FailBoat.
Elan vital Harlan Fenn was hunted down by their master, Tiffny Figg, for being truant.
Returning Contestant Yomama has defeated her master, Emma Blackman to advance to level 9 after 4 days!!
Returning Contestant Yomama was hunted down by their master, Emma Blackman, for being truant.
Returning Contestant Yomama has defeated her master, Will Thompson to advance to level 8 after 4 days!!
Returning Contestant Yomama was hunted down by their master, Will Thompson, for being truant.
Current game time:
2:14 am

Next Game Day in:
3h, 37m, 35s

Online Characters (58 players):
Sergeant Telum Cruor
Voidwalker Tmfreed
Jest Joking, Kage C
Cyborg Josh Fuggit
Lost in Jack Smythe
Contestant Dogface
healerfighter bookwormsteve
General WideningEarth
Wild Jackie Krystal
Burly Heart Meatwater
Lance Corporal Scipio
Returning Contestant DeVille
Returning Contestant Betulus
Returning Contestant Yomama
Souther- Ooh, Shiny! Liz Carlson
Devon Ross
New 'Do, Same Old Meara
Excuse me, but Leverett
Contestant Arnlitin
Stone cold stare Lucian
Wild Zebra Asch
Major Ulster Dave
Bruised Beauty Darrein
bleached Vermis
Get Wrenched! Jon Titania
Corporal Joe-sixpack
Orange Autumn Lillian
Isle Child Praco
Drake Legacy Seraph Viralis
Citizen Joanne
Calamittymorph Calamity
Elan vital Harlan Fenn
Major General Kolja
Cute as a Button Jess
Silas Alban
Pansy Sniffer Tamar
Contestant ArchemedianX
Lover Boy Vinny
Contestant Rellim
Herbal Remedies Quinn
Sunny Little Songbird Rebecca Clearstream
Horror V'toly Grippl
Soulseeker John
Masked Ceranita
Saber-toothed Kaiaku
Faded Dream Tinkerbinker
Locust Crop Fish
dark knight
Oink oinks Zoinks

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