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Little Fixes
Admin CavemanJoe2014-11-24 06:22:39
Hey, all. You know how I tend to only do MotD's when I'm doing some big new feature, and the rest of the time it looks like I'm not doing any work at all? Well, there are a lot of tiny incremental improvements going on behind the scenes, and I'm telling you about it now!

Down Below: Robots can now use standby and overclocking features while Down Below.
Down Below: FoeBots are no longer affected by the DK Ranking system, and are the same difficulty for everyone regardless of their rank.
Down Below: FoeBots and events are now paused while chatting (no more going to post something, getting jumped by a FoeBot, and having your post disappear).
Down Below: Players will no longer get stuck in Nowhere if they're changing floors during a New Day.
Home Page: Removed the "Most Recent Player" readout, because it was juicy, succulent trollbait.
Update: Targeted Fighting: your character will now remember which targets they've already tried, when trying to extend stun combos.

Sometimes the work of a game developer is releasing fancy new shinies that get everyone excited, but most of the time it's unglamourously fixing stuff that broke in weird ways.

Have fun!


News since the last new Game Day
Voyager has defeated his master, Clairvius to advance to level 10 after 23 days!!
Marionetta has been defeated in the jungle by Filthy Thieving Midget.
A Filthy Thieving Midget holds up a carved piece of wood by Marionetta's head. "Would it look better on oak, do you think? Or cherry?"
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