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Down Below - oh, the bugs.
Admin CavemanJoe2014-09-14 05:00:19
Hey, folks! The most egregious bugs in Down Below should now be fixed!

This includes such stereotypically-Improbable conditions as:
* Being able to blow a hole in the edge of the world using a BANG grenade and then walk through the hole you just created, taking your leave of reality and partying in oblivion somewhere;
* Coming dangerously close to being defeated by a FoeBot, looking down, and noticing your own unconscious body lying at your feet (and then deciding to pick yourself up and carry yourself around in your backpack (and then getting knocked out again, which causes you to drop your corpse next to your other corpse (both of which then get picked up by someone else for the cycle to begin anew (which basically made Down Below a TOTAL CORPSEFEST))))
* Setting a WHOOMPH Grenade, watching eagerly as a FoeBot moved over it, clapping your hands and squealing in delight as the game tells you that you successfully blew up the FoeBot, and then having that same FoeBot stride confidently and obliviously out of the flames like the world's dumbest Terminator, too stupid to even know that it's on fire and SHOULD BE DEAD DAMN IT.

I would like you all to try your hardest to pick up your own corpses, rescue yourselves, and blow holes in the outer walls of the mazes, and if you're successful, please give me as much data as possible on how you managed it. Down Below is a complex beast - a whole mini game system inside this already-hugely-complicated game system - and the more you can tell me about what happened just before the game puked up and caught on fire, the faster I'll be able to stop it from puking up and catching on fire.

Thanks, and have fun!


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