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Baccy Bandit updated
Admin CavemanJoe2017-01-18 04:35:56
Hey, folks! The one-armed bandit in the Prancing SpiderKitty was one of the first minigames I wrote for the Island, waaaaay back in 2008.

It sucked! :D

Its payout percentage was too low, and its payout profile too vicious. (this is former-arcade-operator-speak for "it didn't pay out enough, and when it did pay out, it was with hundred-cig prizes to a few lucky bastards, while the other suckers got shafted for dozens of games in a row without so much as a sniff of success")

Plus, the code was dreadful. So, this weekend I rewrote the whole thing from scratch.

The new version is much friendlier to play - its payout percentage is higher, your chances of playing several games in a row with no winners are lower, and the new version has HOLD and NUDGE features. For those outside the UK, a HOLD is when you pull the handle and a reel you've held doesn't move, and a NUDGE is when you press a button and shift a reel down one extra stop.

(yeah, I couldn't believe it when I came here and found out that nudging just wasn't a thing. American fruities are boring enough to cure my gambling addiction)

Have fun!


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